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Becoming a Tenant - Pre-Rental Information and Application

If you've viewed one or more of our properties and you're ready to learn more about becoming a tenant and submitting an application, you've come to the right place!

There are a variety of forms and information provided below that will help you as you make application and move in to one of our properties. 

  • A Checklist for New Renters
  • Important Pre-Rental Information
  • The Application
  • New Tenant Forms and Information


A Checklist for New Renters
  1. Drive by the property. 

  2. Check your budget. Make sure to factor in utilities and other expenses. Only the utility companies can provide you with a monthly estimate for each property. 

  3. Check with us to see if the unit will be available next school year (beginning August 1). If so, make an appointment (at least 24 hours in advance) to view the unit. If you like the unit, turn in an application along with a $20 application fee. 

  4. If you are approved, pay your security deposit and sign your lease.


Important Pre-Rental Information

Anyone planning on leasing one of our units must complete a rental application. Someone who does not meet Heritage's rental requirements may elect to use a co-signer. All prospective tenants and co-signers will be subject to credit approval. Applications are available at our office or here on this Website. Leases run for one year starting August 1 and continue until the end of July of the following year. 

We strongly recommend that all tenants have renter's insurance. There is information at our office, here on the website or you can check the local phone book, Internet or other resources. 

Some properties do allow pets. Pet leases are required and there is a monthly non-refundable pet rent per pet. 

For any property where water is paid, there is an extra charge for an additional person. 

We do not allow anyone to move in immediately, nor do we automatically rent to the first applicant. We rent to the applicant with the best credit and rental history. Decisions are based on the information you and your references provide, not personal appearance. 

Once a rental application is approved, tenants are required to call the appropriate utility company to get service and billing in their name. HPM recommends doing this in advance of the lease start date to avoid an interuption of service. If utlities are not in the tenant's name within three days of lease start date or taking possession of the unit, tenants will be subject to disconnection of that service. Please see the Utilities & Services document for more information. 

Please feel free to call, email or stop by with any questions. 

Heritage Property Management is an Equal Opportunity Company.


The Application

Please visit the Rental Application page describes the application procedure and provides a link to the application PDF. 


New Tenant Forms and Information